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Patent # 9,489,681.  Issued Nov 8th 2016.  We are the ORIGINAL creator and innovator of an embedded, unique and very powerful retail revenue business method solution.
It is called the "Retail Revenue Stream Solution"tm. We have been published since our
2002 provisional patent date.

We have the seasoned ability to work with seasoned IP licensing professionals and investors on many levels.

We are open to conversation in regards to partnerships with technology patent portfolio companies, technology IP investors (angels), IP brokers, direct corporate in-house IP departments or hired outside IP counsel and VC (VC only under special circumstances).  

Here at, Retail Revenue Stream Solution (tm), we have created an embedded new, unique and very powerful real world retail IP Business Method.  The real world "practical application" creates the tangibility of the, composition structure methodology.  This structure dramatically improves the conventional function of a specialized POS retail system.  As well,  it creates a new and  unique form of, incremental revenue stream composition structure, for the retail industry as a whole. We drive dramatic improvements of specific POS computer functions and revenue generation deeper into the over all computer hardware, software, system and network. This results in improved overall retail profitability.

The method, in a new, unique tangible embedded manner to the retail industry of today; creates a new and unique transformable revenue algorithmic composition structure. This, significantly and meaningfully, improves on the retail revenue generation methods known and used in today's retail industry. The method ends in yet another (of multiple) transformable form, this in the form, of the unique tangible third party retailer coupons. The process of how the unique coupons are earned drives increased GPM for the first retailer and becomes a new innovative way for the first positive touch point in the CRM cycle for the third party retailer. 

This method and system is much more complex then what any "general computer" can accomplish  The retail method also still stays limited enough to accomplish all guideline requirements needed for patentability.

The question of "how, when, where and why" of this specific method teaches a substantial improvement to that of the past.  It  teaches meaningful changes to the currently known and used ways that retail revenue streams are generated within the retail industry.  It also teaches a dramatic improvement of the established conventional simplicity of the "pull through marketing" function of third party retailers.  

The retail business method creates and drives innovation of new technology, new unique revenue and new business development. This includes brick and mortar retailers as well as web-based retail shopping site scenarios, meaning ecommerce. 

This IP passes all "In Re Bilski" rules on business method patents as well as the new "ALICE CORP" requirements.  Explode your GPM and ROI!!

Retail Revenue Stream Solution (tm), creates significantly more throughout its' ESSENSE..

It is the specific strategy for your business and or equity investment that will give you a competitive advantage and increase your GPM and or ROI.  In today's market, a strong Patent Portfolio, that can provide superior performance is more important then ever before.  (offensively and defensively).   

Our goal is to not only to provide huge ROI for investment partners, business partners and retailers.  We also provide positive value, excitement and fun for the retail consumer during the shopping scenario. 

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